What are customers saying about Lux Light Art, by Nathalie Martin


It's funny I only met you in person once...but your paintings have an energy that directly comes from you...your paintings are immersed in this wonderful cheerful energy…it's an energy that can visually be seen and not felt...when you can see an energy more than you can feel it...you have created magic....and that is why I own one! The only picture that hangs in my kitchen

Gianna (2020) low resolution.gif


I wanted to include visual representation of individuals who share similar ethnicity traits as my daughter. For me it’s important that my home celebrate the arts and the diverse world we live in.


Every time I look at it, it plunges me into deep Adoration. It simply gives me the feeling of being free in the universe. I highly recommend these paintings. Because it is more than Art in itself.


La qualité du travail est impeccable ainsi que le temps pris pour discuter de la peinture en question! Nathalie a vraiment pris le temps d'expliquer et de me poser des questions afin d'atteindre le résultat attendu! J'adore la peinture qu'elle a faite de ma fille!

Un souvenir à vie!