Get to know Nathalie Collin Martin, the artist behind Lux Light Art

Nathalie Collin Martin

Art that Breathes Life, Light & Hope

It is only after the birth of my second child that I truly discovered painting, a time to myself, a moment of rejuvenation, an indispensable respite for my well-being. It was the perfect backdrop for me to blossom as a painter.

I quickly realized that the spirit of creation has always been part of my decisions and aspirations. Painting satisfies my desire of creation and in a sense change the world with a possitive message.

White Acrylic Paint

Artistic Approach 

Self-taught painter, my medium of choice is acrylic, but I see myself more and more attracted to collages and mixed media, including acrylic pouring and resin art. I am attracted to beauty, light and all that shines. I have always been inspired by the desire to create, I give myself more and more permission to explore freely and I like to try new mediums and tools.

For me, freedom of expression comes from a connection to the divine, a reciprocal relationship with God where love and light flows in all directions: from God to me, from me to him, and then onto my canvas. At home, the act of creation flows from my whole being: you will often find me reading, singing and dancing in my studio.

I love life and people and that is what I hope to show in my paintings. I try to bring the emotions of the characters to life and give a glimpse of their personality, their uniqueness and the beauty of diversity. The ultimate goal of my paintings is to emanate light.

My color palette is rather warm and soft accentuated by pastel and bright colors. I would describe my technique as the superimposition of color elements by scumbling and glazing. In each painting I try to add surprise elements to be discovered more closely. Sometimes I start my acrylic paintings and then finish them with oil paints to add warm and cold colors to create more perspective.

I incorporate more and more resin into my paintings. I color the resin, I layer it, I spread it out to create movement. I also use a technique of my own to superimpose metallic paint.

With a style that I would describe as impressionist-expressionist, my "Weightlessness" or "Zero gravity" series could be described as positive expressionism with a touch of surrealism. For me the feeling behind the painting and the choice of subjects and colors is more important than the representation.  

The painting #metoo or Overcomer by Nathalie Martin of Lux Light Art. A portrait, self-portrait, of a woman with nude shoulders. he has curly hair, a shadow behind her back, Her stare is profound. The style is midcentury, les année foles, art deco, realisim, expresionism, rose, dusty rose color

The Story Behind the painting #metoo

Yes, #metoo (also called "Overcoer") is a self-portrait ...

Here is the astonishing story behind the painting

One day after prayer I heard a voice tell me I should paint a self-portrait. So a month prior to the movement in 2017, this is what came out of my soul. Its style and colors are inspired by the beautiful artistic photographs of Paul Apal'kin, though I wanted to portray more light than usually found in his work.

When I look at this painting ... 

her eyes are so telling, and yet hide a secret. To me it is the portrait of a confident woman, a veteran survivor, an overcomer, a victor of circumstances. 

Light and Darkness

It way seem like this piece is not in keeping with my mantra "Art that breathes Life, Light and Hope", yet in a most beautiful way, it is. Denial is a dark place. Sometimes one needs to acknowledge pain to heal and experience light.

I am not ashamed of what happened to me. I choose to talk about it by sharing my story of victory, through words and through my paint brush.


with Love

Nathalie  Collin Martin